Thursday, March 8, 2007

Wednesday Night TV

Late night last night, but I managed to catch these. Highlight for spoilers:

  • Lost: A lot of people had criticized the Lost writers for not having the castaways ask many questions. And it did seem kind of odd that all this crazy stuff was going on but they didn't seem quite as concerned about it as they should've been. But in this one, Sayid (and to a lesser extent, Locke) asked a lot of questions of Captain Eyepatch, who turns out to be a Russian guy, posing as a Project Dharma guy, when in fact he's just another Other. We do learn, I think, that the Others (or "hostiles" as the Dharma folks call them) aren't with Project Dharma, and that they inhabited the island before the Dharma people got there. Which I thought was interesting.

    One complaint: I understand why Locke could've gotten wrapped up with the chess game, but I don't see him as quite that stupid as to leave Mikhail unattended. I could see him wanting to play the chess game, but I'd expect him to move Mikhail to a more observable place before sitting down. But when he was debating the game, I thought of Dreamcatchers, a pretty awful movie, but with one great scene. Jason Lee is sitting on top of a toilet to keep the lid closed, since some evil alien monster was trying to kill him. After trying to force the lid open for a while, the alien goes silent for a few minutes. Lee's character, who plays with toothpicks in his mouth when he's nervous, reaches for his pocket to get one, only to find that he spilled them on the floor. He tries reaching for them without getting off the toilet, but can't quite reach them, and you start to see the debate on his face. "It's been quite for a while now, I can just get up for a second to grab a toothpick and get right back on." Of course, the audience knows the second he gets up, he's going to get killed. It's a great scene in an otherwise bad movie. That's quite a tangent... but my point is that Jason Lee's character in that movie wasn't so bright, but Locke's been generally pretty smart in the series so far, so it didn't really fit.

    Also, Sayid was seriously Monk-ish with his attention to detail in the Flame area. And I hadn't noticed how much Mrs. Clue looked like the leader of the Bloodhound Gang (from 3-2-1 Contact, not the musicians).

  • South Park: As usual, a timely episode. And the overall message that people who don't belong to groups that have words that are truly offensive can't understand what it's like? I like that. Also, I thought during the ass kissing scene, that Jesse Jackson would fart in Randy's face, just cause it's South Park and they like to do that kinda thing.

  • Sarah Silverman Program: Finally, the episode with Hiro! I wonder if this was the pilot, cause they showed Laura's cop boyfriend, but he didn't act like he knew Sarah at all. And the sequence with Sarah fleeing from the convenience store was great.

On the Tivo: Jericho.

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