Monday, April 9, 2007

Sunday Night TV

So let's see here, when we last left off on before the long hiatuses (hiati?) of these two HBO series, Ari was fired, Vince was shopping for new agents, and Drama had a new TV series, while Christopher was going to had a kid and relapsing, Tony was pissed that Christopher "stole" Julianna Margulies from him, A.J. was hooking up with a single mom, Carmela's spec house was back on, Phil was in a coma, and someone in Tony's crew was going to be the target of a hit. Click below for this week's Entourage and Sopranos:

  • Entourage: Vince has hired a new agent, and she's super hot. Carla Gugino is a lovely, lovely woman. Anyway, she's pushing Vince to take a Sam Mendes adaptation of an Edith Wharton novel. I don't think there's anyone alive who sees that happening. Vince seems to be on board, though, but I wonder if it's just because he wants to get in his new agent's pants.

    It's Vince's birthday. E., Turtle, and Drama are throwing and paying for the party, and the budget gets tight. The always enterprising Turtle decides on corporate sponsorship from Victoria's Secret, so it looks like a good time was had by all.

    Ari talks his way into an invite, and plants the seed in Vince's brain that he can get the part in Medellin after all, but only with Ari running the show. Seemed like it didn't work at first, but in the end, Vince delays signing on to the Mendes film because the seeds of doubt have been planted. A pretty dull episode, but I think it's mostly setup for the looming war between the agents.

  • The Sopranos: The gun Tony dropped running from the feds at Johnny Sack's place so long ago comes back to bite him in the ass, and he gets arrested a bullshit charge, which is quickly dropped. He heads up to the lake with Janice and Bobby, and - fresh out of jail on a firearms charge - gets an AR-10 for his birthday.

    A.J. grew a beard that makes him look like a time portal opened up and a Backstreet Boys reject stepped through. He's still with Blanca though. With the 'rents out of town, A.J. throws a party.

    A little political commentary thrown in. Bobby tells the story of his grandfather sneaking into the country illegally, then turns around and says they should wall off Mexico. And the latest scam is to sneak prescription drugs across the border from Canada.

    I loved the Monopoly scene... Tony's cheating was hilarious, and Bobby had the best line of the episode ("You know, the Parker Brothers took time to think this all out. I think we should respect that."). And like any family Monopoly game, it ends in a fight. But this being the Soprano family, it got ugly. And Bobby whips Tony's ass.

    So Tony sends Bobby up to Canada to kill a guy to close a deal. Bobby's not the enforcer type, and screws it up, dropping the gun (prints and all, I think) and letting the victim grab a fist full of shirt which he also leaves behind. Hopefully it wasn't a "Bada Bing!" logo shirt.

    Lots of spooky foreshadowing... I get the feeling Tony's going to have to kill Carmela (who was looking especially busty this episode) or at least that he will accidentally, the story about the baby floating face down in the pool will come in to play too (either Tony or A.J., I think), and of course Bobby's screwed. If it wasn't obvious from how badly he seemed to botch the hit, it was made clear by the happy family moment he had at the end.

    I liked this episode a lot. We get enough callbacks to the first half of the "season" and enough new deveopments to keep the overall plot moving, while the episode itself was just a quiet little vacation with family, mafia style.

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