Thursday, March 1, 2007

TV Catch-up

The cable's out, so I might miss all the Thursday night stuff. Hopefully between network websites and other people's Tivos, I can catch up eventually. But that did free up time to catch up on Wednesday stuff. Highlight for spoilers:

  • Jericho: That trading post town at the fairgrounds had the feel of those Fallout video games. The guys checking guns at the gate, especially. So apparently salt is worth a ton, so the snooty rich teenager is again rich. They've also teamed up with a neighboring town to trade salt for parts to make windmills. And the new girl living with Hawkins is just trying to find the "package", which I assume is a bomb he was supposed to set off. Dull episode.

  • Friday Night Lights: Geez, so much happens on this show. I love it:
    • Buddy Garrity as Dupree/Magnum P.I. is pretty hilarious.
    • Riggins' new neighbor is kinda cute, but her kid is irritatingly cute. I can't imagine a kid that old in Texas (or Tennessee) not knowing how to throw a spiral, though... but I guess that's shorthand for "lacking a father figure."
    • Landry's toast was excellent.
    • Waverly's whole "where have you been?" introduction just made me assume she'd been knocked up, but it seems like she's got a mental health issue. Bipolar, probably. And now she's off her meds, and kinda losing it.
    • Tyra's mom, on the other hand, has already lost it.
    • Lyla doesn't react too well to her parents' fighting, nor to Street's tattoo girl.
    • And some nice moments between Tyra and Tami, and Buddy and the Coach there at the end.

  • Knights of Prosperity: Ok, the Oswald Montecristo video was quite amusing. "K-E-E-S-I-N-G" and the fantasy sequence about Kelly Ripa and their inexplicably british kids were both pretty good too. I wouldn't rob Kelly Ripa though. Lenny Kravitz was a better choice. I can see the whole ditching Mick Jagger and looking for someone else to rob really improving the show. This may have been the best episode yet.

On the Tivo: TCM stuff. I missed all the Thursday stuff, which I'll have to hunt down.

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