Wednesday, February 21, 2007

TV Catchup

Little bit of catchup:

  • Star Trek: Beyond the Final Frontier: A History Channel special, that for some reason I was told was about the history of Star Trek. But it was 90% about the Christie's auction of Star Trek memorabilia. So that kinda sucked. Also, they did show a fair number of clips from the various TV shows. So for some reason they chose to do this thing in widescreen, letterboxed for the original filmed bits, but doubly letterboxed (horizontally and vertically) for the TV clips. So that was dumb. By the end it was so auction-centric I stopped paying attention and was surfing the web mostly.
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent (highlight for spoilers): Regular Law & Order just did a Ted Haggard episode a week and a half ago., so this seems weird. Instead of Anson Mount, CI gives us Tom Arnold in the role of the preacher who secretly hires a gay prostitute... which is a bit of a step down, acting-wise. But in this one they introduce a Richard Dawkins-type character (athiest, opponent of Intelligent Design), who ends up being the killer. We also get a ton of Goren's personal life here, between the continuing story of his mother's chemo, to his brother making a rare appearance. Decent episode, the mystery was pretty solid, but I felt like the Goren family drama was a little distracting. I'm not huge on this storyline, really.
Tivo: Empty, but it'll fill up tonight with all the stuff on at 8 (FNL, Jericho, Knights of Prosperity's last chance for me).

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