Friday, February 9, 2007

TV Catchup

Oh man, Thursday night has a lot of shows... (highlight to reveal spoilers):

  • Smallville: So... this show is still kinda lame. The plot centered around creepy pictures sent by a stalker to Lana's Sprint(tm) cell phone. Now the product placement was annoying, but the Lana-centric-ness was nice. I basically only still watch the show because she's unbelievably hot. Seems like Clark and Lana are sort of making up, Lex made a half-assed attempt at mending some fences... or like 10-percent-assed. But still plenty of tension all over the place. And in a plot element that nobody really cared about, I think, Chloe and Jimmy got back together. Hooray?
  • The Office: Oh, where to begin? I love Scrantonicity, and like Pam, I thought they only played Police songs, but discovered that they didn't earlier. Fields of Gold was a Sting solo effort. You can tell by the fact that it's completely girly.

    Toby having a smoking hot date was a great touch. All they've ever done on the show is make him a nice, friendly, caring guy who constantly gets crapped on. And Ryan knocking the bouquet out of the way was a fantastic touch.

    I liked Dwight's fascination with catching wedding crashers... and I hope his Pavlovian altoid reflex comes back in a later episode. Angela's Jackie O getup was pretty amusing. Most of Michael's stuff was kind of annoying though, sometimes when you go for that cringe factor it crosses over the line a touch.

    And with the love... rhombus or something... I know a lot of the fans obsess over this stuff and create portmanteau names for all the couple combinations but it's my least favorite part of the show. But the dancing outside shot of Pam and Roy (Ram or Poy?) with the cut to Dwight and Angela (the commercials went with Dwangela, but I'd rather see something like Anght (pronounced anked), cause it sounds cool). then the cut to Michael being all sad, that was good stuff.

    And as a Celtics fan, the senile Uncle's "the Celtics were a great team" comment was painful during the franchise record losing streak. Robert Parish, you are indeed missed.
  • My Name is Earl: Byron from Andy Richter Controls the Universe (Jonathan Slavin)! D.J. Qualls! They're like the funniest weasely guys on earth! And whoever played Liberty is quite a lovely young lady. Quick hit thoughts since I don't have much to say about the plot:

    1. - I think feeding Listerine to a turtle might kill it. Do not try this at home.

    2. - What was up with that jar of sangria? That thing looked disgusting.

    3. - "Since nowadays wrestling is planned in advance...." Great line.

    4. - Black Ladies of Wrestling = BLoW. Excellent.

    5. - I'm liking the way they handled the Randy/Catalina storyline. They keep the same jokes but they all seem fresh now.
  • Scrubs: Occasionally on Scrubs, the comedy gets a little derailed with plot. This episode wasn't too packed with jokes, but it was actually an interesting story. JD's girlfriend tells him she had a miscarriage, they agree that they're better off broken up, but in the end we find out that she still has the baby. Them dames is devious! And Dr. Cox's baby required prenatal surgery, which provided a nice feelgood balance to the miscarriage/deceit storyline.
  • 30 Rock: I continue to love this show. Kenneth the page would be the best new character of the year, except that Alec Baldwin steals absolutely every scene he's in. And Cerie? Sadly, in winter, she's wearing more, but still, she is quite the looker. Liz's thing with Jason Sudeikis was kinda sweet, and he suddenly struck me as a guy who could totally be a leading guy in a romantic comedy type thing. I'm assuming he'll be back for a story arc.

    These guys don't know how to play "Boff"/Marry/Kill, though. It's supposed to be difficult choices. Like three women you hate and would never want to see naked. Or three gorgeous women who seem really nice and you wouldn't think about killing. If you give them Liz, Jenna, and Cerie, you've got one who's easily the hottest, one who's easily the coolest, and one who's irritating as hell.
  • The Sarah Silverman Program: Zach Galifianakis! Brian Posehn showing off ninja moves! If they can work Patton Oswalt and Maria Bamford in somehow, it will be this Comedians of Comedy fan's dream. The line of the show: "I better go. Homeless don't crap themselves." Also, the Cousin Sal cameo was totally weird. But I definitely dig this show. It's uneven, and the musical elements don't work for me, but it's two for two in coming up with pretty frequent big laughs. Not nearly enough shows can come up with one per episode.
Parked on the Tivo: Some TCM stuff, but nothing first run.

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