Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tootsie - More 31 Days of Oscar


No idea how I never saw this one. But what a fun movie. Dustin Hoffman is full of energy, Teri Garr is adorable, and Bill Murray is absolutely hilarious. Remember when he was just funny? Not that I don't still love his current projects, but I miss the straight comedy stuff. I don't think he's done anything like that in... at least 5 years. The Bosley part in Charlies Angels, maybe? Dabney Coleman, Sydney Pollack, and the guy who plays Tommy's father on Rescue Me were great too. And that guy who played the Commandant in the Police Academy movies is always amusing. I've never cared for Jessica Lange or Geena Davis though, but they don't really get in the way.

It's kind of surprising, given the tremendous number or predictable gender-bending jokes and the fact that Mrs. Doubtfire played the same way a lot and I'd seen that a long time ago and didn't really care for it, that I enjoyed Tootsie, but something about it really worked. Probably just better writing, direction, and less Robin Williams hamming.

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