Friday, February 9, 2007

Last Night's TV

After finishing up with Wednesday stuff, I dozed off early and haven't seen a bit of Thursday TV. I'll catch up this afternoon, but for now (highlight to reveal spoilery stuff):

  • Friday Night Lights: So we start off the episode with a trick play for a touchdown, which seems to have been run in the 4th quarter of a playoff game that was already wrapped up. Hopefully, that's not the case, cause that's gererally pretty un-cool. But with Smash throwing a TD pass, the local media start asking questions about quarterbacks and race, which seems to be the excuse Mac was looking for to put his foot in his mouth. This starts a whole lot of unrest with the team and the school, eventually resulting in the black players walking out of practice. You have to feel bad for the coach and his wife, because they both really seemed to do everything right as far as handling it, but the way they'd hinted at racial tension since the pilot, it was a powder keg and Mac comments were the match.

    I like that Street finally made it back to school, and that it was very difficult. And while I also dig the quad rugby storyline, I don't think giving up on school that quickly really fits with his character. Sure, he's competitive and wants to play the game, but he's also not a quitter. I also loved the powder puff subplot. Coach Taylor's sudden interest in the game, getting to coach his daughter a little, almost charging onto the field to protest a call... good times. It also gave Landry some excellent comic relief scenes, and some new opportunities to show what a perv Lyla's father is.
  • Knights of Prosperity: So Gary has like 7 illegitimate children by all different women and he's pretty much never met any of them. They say a sitcom has to have likable characters to succeed, so I guess they're not even trying. But I did like the episode mostly, even though the "unplugging while deleting" thing seemed really stupid, especially after they'd earlier said something about movie hacking being stupidly unrealistic. But computer geekiness aside, there were some solid jokes in here, and Gary's my favorite character so I was glad to see the focus on him. I was debating dropping it, but now I think I'll probably stick with the show until it gets cancelled, which I have to assume will be soon.

Still Parked on the Tivo: Smallville, The Office, My Name is Earl, Scrubs, 30 Rock, The Sarah Silverman Program.

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