Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday Night TV

Back to watching normal TV after a week of catching up. I'll have to catch Entourage and The Sopranos later cause I'm watching baseball. But King of the Hill and The Simpsons are after the jump.

King of the Hill: The Souphanousinphones want Connie to have a cool job to put on her resume for private high school, so rather than follow her parents' suggestion to work on a squid boat, she decides to be Peggy's protoge at the Arlen Bystander, but Peggy's usual "dictated puff piece" isn't enough for Connie, so she convinces Peggy to do some real investigation into her assignment, a local realtor named Chris Sizemore (voiced by Chris Elliot). When she finds no actual dirt, she writes a disrespectful story anyway. But it turns out that Sizemore was a big advertiser with the paper. Sizemore likes the cut of her jib, or whatever the cliche is, and after getting her fired from the paper, hires her at his real estate agency. And inexplicably, Connie decides to follow her.

When she starts working for Sizemore, though, she (and Connie) are stuck with the grunt work. Peggy tries to show some initiative but ends up getting fired again. When Connie appears to be headed back to the squid boat, but Peggy decides to give it one last shot. She does a good enough job almost selling a house without a license that Sizemore hires her back.

Dale gets Hank a set of titanium golf clubs. But when Hank gets curious as to how he could afford them, he finds out one of the clubs was used as a murder weapon, and that Dale got them at a police auction. Hank has mixed feelings about them, but all it takes to get past it is asking the guy if he used them for murder, and him saying "no." There's a hilarious scene in the end where Hank finds a ski mask in the clubs, but he happily assumes that the previous owner liked to ski.

King of the Hill at its best is funny and touching, but this one fell short on the latter. But it was still very, very funny. So that's just fine with me. The best parts:

  • "Print media is where it's at. Do you know it's where most people used to get their news?"
  • "Just consider it my way of saying I'm sorry." "Sorry for what?" "Oh, you'll know."
  • "I've never seen you play this well. Except in that dream I had where you won the Masters in a playoff with a robot."
  • "This is Dee, she coined the term 'cozy' for uncomfortably small places."
  • "Chris says his ideas may sound crazy like Howard Hughes towards the end, but they're actually crazy like Howard Hughes in the middle."
  • "Those clubs don't care whether they're striking a Titleist or Dr. Ted Nelson's skull, and neither should you."
  • "Oh Peggy, I would've thought you were ready, except you told me you were ready. Don't worry Peggy, you'll know when you're ready because I will have just told you."
  • "Bobby, check the Guinness Book of World Records and see who holds the one for being fired the most times." "I'm pretty sure it's George Jetson."
  • "Team Peggy merges forces with Team Sizemore. We'll call it 'Team Sizemore.'"

The Simpsons: Marge is embarrassed that she doesn't have email, so she gets to poking around the internet, and ends up finding a World of Warcraft type game. And everyone from around Springfield has their own character in the game, but they're all afraid of an evil shadowknight. Who turns out to be Bart (I was thinking it'd be Milhouse). And Marge is actually kinda proud of him, but having his mom around is really bugging Bart. And then Bart accidentally kills Marge.

Lisa decides to play soccer, and when the ref doesn't show up, Homer volunteers to be a referee. But he's biased and starts favoring Lisa, then she starts taking advantage of his favoritism. A completely stupid and hard to understand Ronaldo cameo shows Homer the error of his ways, and Homer throws her out of the game.

With the Simpson women upset at them, Homer and Bart bond at Moe's and get some good advice. Bart brings Marge's character back to life, sacrificing his awesome Shadowknight power, and Homer shows Lisa a documentary on soccer flopping and riots. Honestly, a pretty stupid episode. A few laughs, though:
  • "He's the most destructive player in this game. He once beat me to death with my own life bar."
  • "Hey Lisa, self-conscious about your shins? In my day, girls were worried about their boobs."
  • The Bend It Like Beckham scene with Apu cheering on the father.
  • Homer painting his referee shirt white

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