Thursday, March 29, 2007

TV Catch Up

With nothing but repeats Thursday night (except an Andy Barker, P.I. that I'd already seen online), I had hoped to catch up on even more stuff, but I ended up mostly catching up on sleep. Highlight for spoilers:

  • House: Tricky with the opener, since we usually see the case of the week person in the sequence before the credits, but it turns out to be a dream House was having about having his leg blown off in Iraq or something. But it turns out we did see the case of the week person, because House was dreaming about the guy before he even got the case, giving us two mysteries: what's wrong with the guy, and why is House having psychic dreams about him?

    Hugh Laurie has such a convincing American accent that it was only from his IMDB page that I learned he was not from the US of A. But sitting in the tub with those somewhat grandmotherly glasses on, he looked as British as a tea-drinking soccer hooligan with bad teeth.

    House became obsessed with the idea that the guy was a model or in a movie (possibly porn) or on TV. I kept thinking "Of course the guy's been on TV, he's Riley from Buffy!" But no fourth wall jokes for this show, it turned out he dated Cuddy once several years ago.

    House also has some of his own medical issues this week, in the form of difficulty urinating. While I can't imagine how bad any of it must be, I have a hard time imagining that not being able to pee more than a few drips is that much worse than a self-administered catheter. That scene was brutal. Plus, it reminded me of the even more brutal Deadwood kidney stone removal scene. Yikes.

    And they're playing up the Chase/Cameron relationship even more. While I'm not sure about the storyline, there's something really hot about the normally reserved Cameron being all "I know I'm sexy and you can't resist me."

  • Bones: Hooray, more of Wyatt, Booth's therapist. This week, he does a little couples counselling for Booth and Brennan, deciding that it wasn't her feelings for him that kept her from taking off with Sully. Hopefully it was the fact that he was a crappy character and seriously reduced my enjoyment of the show. Anyway, this immediately solved the tension between the two, which seems odd, but I'll buy it. The cool part was that Angela thought he was full of it. Convinced that they're nuts for each other, she confronts Mr. Fancy Pants shrink with her own theory, and they share an awesome scene at the end. If they hadn't spent most of the season hooking up Angela and Hodgins, I'd hope they'd hook her up with ol' Gordon, cause that would be tons of fun.

    As for the case, a grave robber breaks a water main, and bodies from all over the cemetery float up, so Bones & Co. are called in to identify and re-bury them, but shockingly they discover a murder victim buried amongst the old corpses. Some stuff happens, and the priest quickly admits his guilt. Easy confessions on TV are always lies to cover for someone, so as soon as the priest said he did it, you knew it was someone else. But I was stumped as to who, so I was pleasantly surprised with the resolution. The administrator lady, "practically raised" by the old priest, is a great unexpected fit, and there were enough characters floating around with possible motives (the possibly abused kid and the grave robber kid) that it was still a mystery. But there's no way her confession holds up in court, right? A priest asking questions with no cops around, any decent lawyer gets that tossed. I like how shows without lawyer characters ignore stuff like this.

    I'm kinda surprised that they'd make a lead character in a fairly popular TV show both an atheist and a jerk about it. Seems like that might alienate the 90% of the world that believe in some sort of god.

Still to watch: Friday Night Lights, Jericho.

The original Law & Order comes back for the first new episode since sweeps, and Acceptable TV returns for its second episode on VH1 at 10. Too late to vote, but you can still check out last week's sketches on the Acceptable TV website.


dawn said...

I just came upon your blog and you do really good recaps your almost as crazy as I am. Did you watch the Riches or October Road

Darren Mitchelstork said...

Thanks. I do watch The Riches, but not October Road. I'd heard nothing but bad reviews for it, so I didn't feel motivated to fit it into my already busy TV schedule.

My Riches reviews can be found here.

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