Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday Night TV

Stupid NASCAR messing with the Sunday night schedule. Highlight for spoilers:

  • The Simpsons: Abe Simpson is one of my favorite characters, so I love a Grampa-centric episode. The cardboard fort was ok, but... eh. Best parts:

    • "I was voted best kisser in my P.O.W. camp."
    • Homer fantasizing about Marge as a Hot Dog on a Stick girl.
    • Patty fantasizing about Mrs. Krabappel.
    • The flying dragon showing up in the assault of the cardboard fort.

    Again with the musical montage, though. There were some decent sight gags, but it seemed like the early seasons didn't need that little crutch.

  • The Winner: It's still not great, but it's still not bad. I like the mid-90s references (Philadelphia, the Billy Joel divorce), some of the jokes are funny, and as usual Rob Corddry gets all he can out of the material.

  • Family Guy: Racist sunflower? Two Conway Twitty cutaways? Uma Thurman's eyes drifting off her head? This felt like the South Park episode where they made fun of Family Guy. Not that it didn't have a few funny parts, but it seems like it was written by someone when they were stoned.

  • Battlestar Galactica: A little Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead action with the coin flipping. But then we move pretty quickly from Starbuck mourning to the meat of the story, which is prepping for Baltar's trial.

    Baltar's first lawyer really looked like John Cusack from a distance. And his second one? I thought he was blind at first, or then maybe that he had one of those Jim McMahon eye injuries that look all gross so the shades are just to hide it, but apparently he just thought they looked cool.

    Legally speaking, I'm seriously confused. It seemed like the Admiral sending Apollo the legal books meant he would be accepting the job of running the tribunal. But suddenly he's buddy buddy with the defense lawyer, he's observing defense consultations (confidentiality agreement or not, that's going to bias his opinions). And having the Admiral on the tribunal seems like a huge conflict of interest. He knows Baltar personally, he's been observing the interrogations of Six, and his son may or may not be presiding over the trial.

    For a second, when they revealed the identity of the bomber, I thought he said "Cally." But the Kelly guy was fairly unsurprising, given that they introduced a guy that I don't remember seeing before, and gave him a few lines. That's too often the person who did it in any type of mystery.

    Baltar's really got the crazy eyes going. No matter how good his little manifesto is, if he looks that crazy when his trial comes around, I can't see anyone follow him. But I guess he always looked crazy talking to Six, but still managed to pull it together enough to become popular the first time.

    I was worried this might be an entire epside of lamenting over Starbuck's death, so I'm pretty happy with this episode. A lot going on, and I like the new lawyer guy.

On the Tivo: nothing.

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