Saturday, March 10, 2007

Friday Night TV/Catch up

With Monk and Psych done, there's not much to watch. First some catching up, then Friday night stuff. Highlight for spoilers:

  • Jericho: Back to the stuff I like this week, with more focus on the struggle for survival than the crazy conspiracies that lead to the whole situation. Jake and company head out looking for deer, since food supplies are low, but a mysterious pickup ambushes them, flips over their truck, and takes all their stuff. So they're stranded far from town, Jake's trapped under the truck, Stanley has a busted ankle, leaving only Mimi to go find help. Hawkins, meanwhile, heads off to investigate the aforementioned crazy conspiracies, and seems to be figuring out that his old flame has it in for him. And they threw in a little bit with Emily getting re-acquainted with her fiancee, so I'm sure at some point there will be a blow-up over what almost happened with Jake.

    A decent episode overall, but I'm still not enjoying the post-hiatus episodes as much as the first set.

  • Las Vegas: See, this is why I keep watching this show. It's silly, but they really commit to it. Why not just stick Sam in a box and ship her to wherever, knock up Delinda, blow up a few floors of the Montecito including maybe Delinda, have someone shoot Mary's dad but we don't know which of three characters did it, and just for good measure, have the casino robbed, Ed served with divorce papers, and Danny re-enlist?

    Reminds me a little of the first season finale of Alias, except not nearly as well done. But both efforts were pretty ballsy, cause all that stuff coming to a cliffhanger at the same time is really rewarding for the observant viewer, but can confuse the casual viewer who's trying to put the kids to bed, do laundry, and eleven other things at once cause they don't really have time to pay close attention to the TV. But fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), I'm a TV junkie, and I eat this stuff up. A ridiculously fun episode.

On the Tivo: Nothing.

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