Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tuesday Night TV

Got kinda busy tonight, so I only watched GG and VM. The Tivo will be backed up for a while, I bet. And the 31 Days of Oscar might turn into 131 days for me - they're really starting to pile up. Highlight for spoilers:

  • Gilmore Girls: We continue this week with the "Logan good, Christopher bad" thing, plus a dog funeral storyline. Rory was all fascinated with Logan's newfound awesomeness, but Tucker Colbertson, who sounds like a satirical bowtied TV news pundit but apparently is the handsome new TA, shows up and Rory does everything short of sniffing his hair when he's not looking. But I think having seen the Luke/Logan mess, she feels the need to confess to Logan, who continues to be super cool about everything. The funeral arrangement of "My Heart Will Go On" was surprisingly touching (I know, I'm a pansy), and Lorelai starts to get all choked up. Kirk returns for about a minute, then leaves and won't be seen for another 5 episodes, which is a crime.

    Connecticut has a 12% sales tax? That can't be right, can it? It was 5 or 6% at the Friendly's in Enfield about ten years ago. And my Tivo put the last two minutes of GG in the Veronica Mars recording, which had me pretty worried that the end of VM will get cut off. But it turned out ok. I might've missed a second or two of the closing GG dialogue, though. In any case, it's nice to see the Christopher marriage thing wrapping up, since that's a good sign that the show will end this year. They have to end it with Luke and Lorelai together, and if they'd waited longer to break up the marriage, the Luke thing would've felt super rushed.
  • Veronica Mars: Occasionally, they do make Dick seem like... not a dick. He's trying to help Logan out, though there's always a touch of dick/Dick in everything he does. "You're not still looking for the fire, right?" has to be the best line of the show. But he ends up ditching Logan with the younger sister of a young lady he's trying to bed, and the sister plays About a Boy (or girl) to Logan, and starts get him out of his rut, until an amusingly awkward elevator scene sends him right back rutward. But a final bit of sympathy for her has Logan back to normal-ish.

    Wallace is back (at the expense of all of Veronica's other college friends, who were absent), and since the coach hates Mason, who should be starting instead of him, Wallace is starting. At least until his coach turns up dead. The coach's son pulls a Matlock defendant: he finds the body, gets himself covered in blood, and flees the scene. At least he didn't get his prints on the murder weapon first. Mel Stoltz gets brought up as a potential suspect to Keith, who's on the case, and I get the impression Stoltz is the mystery dude who met with the Dean to get the frats back on campus. But Mason instantly becomes a suspect too when he steps forward as a witness against the coach.

    Who on earth was the guy in the top bunk in Josh's cell? He's obviously important... and probably in some way involved in the escape. I was weirded out at how generous Veronica was with the coach's son. Normally she's suspicious of everyone, but she's baking cookies for him? And I guess the kid escapes, having already eaten the cookies, and the cops find the hollowed out book, so they assume she baked a cake with a file inside it or whatever.

    The suspects in the Dean's murder seem to be down to Mrs. O'Dell, her son, and Landry. I love how they're consistent with the small parts... in this case, two hotel employees return. Including Ratner, who gives the Mars crew a hint ("two guys arguing") that the dean showed up there that night. I like the random Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang references, cause that movie rules. Also, I'm pretty sure if my daughter went to a college where the Dean and basketball coach were murdered, and a serial rapist went nuts... I might pull her out of there.
On the Tivo: House, both Law & Orders, 5 old movies and counting.

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