Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Last Night's TV

I'm loving Heroes more and more, and caring less and less about the shows I watch before and after. Spoilertastic beyond this point (highlight to read):

  • Prison Break: Oh, at least we're headed somewhere. I'm glad Bellick's out of prison, cause that storyline was headed nowhere. Sucks to lose Haywire, but I think that had to happen, both because it was silly that the stupidest of the bunch had lasted longer than a lot of the brighter ones, and because it gives us another excuse to show how evil Mahone is. Which we have to see at least once per episode.
  • Heroes: The NCC-1701 license plate on Hiro's dad's car was a nice touch. But mostly I didn't care for the Hiro storyline. Though I guess I'd been wondering what his friends and family were thinking when he took off for New York at random. And how he could afford to. So that explained that. And I still don't care that much about JessNikka and her family. But the Sylar action was quite cool, and Invisible Dr. Who is a great addition to the cast. The big reveal at the end (which was promoted in a creepy way with the high school cheerleader "Who's your daddy?" thing) was actually kind of predictable, but it makes sense. The only other candidate was Linderman.
  • Studio 60: It's becoming more and more romantic comedy, as they randomly pair off characters. I had thought there was some real chemistry between Darius and Lucy, but I guess the black guy/white girl romance thing still freaks out the networks. So they stick her with Tom, and Danny and Jordan and Matt and Harriett. If the show somehow gets renewed (doubtful), they can start breaking them up and swapping around. Matt and Lucy, Danny and Harriett, Matt and Jordan, Lucy and Jordan (for sweeps).
Still parked on the Tivo: Everybody Hates Chris.

Studio 60
will be taking a break in March to make room for The Black Donnellys, which seems to be an Irish family/organized crime drama. I'm guessing it was greenlit somewhere around the time The Departed started getting buzz.

Also at that time, 30 Rock will be off for a bit for Andy Barker, PI to air 5 episodes. This one involves Andy Richter as an accountant who rents office space that used to belong to a private eye. When clients come in asking for investigative work, Andy decides it sounds like fun and just goes along with it. Sounds like a fun premise. If Andy Richter Controls the Universe is any indicator, Andy Barker will be awesome, watched by no one, shuffled around in the schedule enough that even hardcore fans don't know when it's on, and finally canceled.

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Anonymous said...

check imdb for the donnellys ;)
pilot was epic

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