Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Pennies from Heaven - More 31 Days of Oscar

Pennies From Heaven

I do not like musicals. But I do like Christopher Walken and Steve Martin, so I figured I'd give it a shot. And it was about what I expected. There were a few great moments, but mostly a bunch of singing and dancing that I didn't care for.

If that is your thing, especially the old timey musical numbers with big lines of elaborately dressed girls with the leg kicking, some tap dancing, and there always seems to be a staircase to go up or down... well this might work for you. But the story focuses on Martin as a sheet music salesman who can't catch a break. And basically has the worst luck of all time, it's a horrible story (not like a lousy story, but as in "horrible things are happening"), but he escapes into fantasies of fantastic song and dance scenes.

I was mostly in it for Walken, though, and he didn't disappoint. There's something about him, he's just so creepy, but also light on his feet. I think the movie would've worked better if he did his "potato/potato, tomato/tomato" song and dance from SNL.

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