Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Monday Night TV

No Prison Break this week, and yes, I'm like the only guy in the world that doesn't watch 24. I gave up shortly into season 3. People seem to love it these days though, so I might take some time this summer when network shows are reruns to grab some DVDs and catch up. Highlight to reveal spoilers:

  • Everybody Hates Chris: Orlando Jones guest stars as a sub who challenges Chris. He was ok, the plot was ok, and the jokes were ok. I did like the callback to the Gritzky jersey, the Officer and a Gentleman parody was ok, and the "B-" t-shirt was sorta funny. The narration jokes didn't really work, though. The show hasn't wowed me in a while, and really needs to generate some laughs to keep me coming back.
  • Heroes: Mohinder's been calling heroes at random, and one calls him back (Glenn from the Gilmore Girls, and also those Office-style Burger King commercials a few years back), with some kinda melty powers, but Sylar beats him to the guy. Cool effects on the melty thing. I'm not sure I like Sylar's philosophical musings, though. But that's the standard way to make a comic book villain evil and creepy, so it's at least appropriate.

    Claire wants to meet her father, her mom just wants to extort him. I love the "$50k! And you get half!' part, sounding all generous when she's really screwing Claire out of $25k. I'm surprised we weren't beaten over the head with Motorola logos when she took Claire's pic with her phone, though. And wow, Ma Petrelli is a cold bitch.

    Weiss' (Parkman, but he'll forever be Weiss to me) career as a bodyguard doesn't last long, turning quickly to diamond thieving. But he leaves the case with his prints on it, and I'm sure the cops will have noticed that it wasn't there when they showed up. Maybe just an editing thing and we're supposed to think he did clean up after himself, but it still bugged me. Also, apparently his psychic powers are directional, given that he heard JessNikka coming in the elevator. These two parts set things up nicely. With JessNikka headed after Nathan, Claire possibly chasing her dad, and Weiss potentially after JessNikka, that could finally get everyone all together in New York. Which is good, cause Nikki's family hasn't been a very interesting story so far, but getting them involved in the action could help.

    Hope calling Hiro "Sulu" makes the whole George Takei guest star thing confusing. So does Hiro's father look like the guy who played Sulu, or is it like Last Action Hero, where Stallone played the Terminator? And was that Dauber from Coach as Hope's boyfriend/gaming commission dude?

    Hiro and Ando have kind of stalled out to me. They were by far the best storyline early on, but now they're sort of treading water. The best storyline now, Peter and the invisible Dr. Who, didn't appear (get it? I'm hilarious). I'm still loving the show, though. They manage to keep action going in at least one storyline every episode, so even when it's heavy on character development, they can cut to some excitement.
  • Studio 60: It was nice to know that I was supposed to notice the singer's chest in the beginning. What a terrible song, though, and that actress is not comfortable at all standing in front of an audience and pretending to sing. Cool to see Stephen Tobolowski... but he was underused. Hopefully he gets brought back in some capacity.

    I'm not sure how I feel about Matt's drug problem starting up as a storyline. Danny's already a recovering addict, do we need more of that? And was the Tyler Durden moment at the end supposed to be surprising? Other people not remembering the guy at first stuck out, then when the singer mentioned the dreamy thing, it became pretty obvious.

    The flashes of Sorkin brilliance continue to frustrate me. The B-story about the metric conversion sketch? That's what this show should be like all the time. It was funny, it was both about making a sketch comedy show and about the characters, and it didn't take itself too seriously. Plus, it was heavy on Matt, Danny, Nate Corddry, and Timothy Busfield, with a little Mark McKinney thrown in.
Tivo: Some TCM stuff, but that's it.

NBC's plugging the 5th anniversary of Last Call with Carson Daly. Really?


Michael Canfield said...

Nope, you're not the only one NOT watching 24. I've given up on it too. I mean, there is silly, then there SILLY.

Winter said...

I really liked that song that opened "Studio 60". Do you know if I can find a recording?

Darren Mitchelstork said...

I deleted the recording already, so I can't check the credits, but it's possible it was an original song, cause it was an actress playing a singer, not an actual singer.

A good place to ask might be the the imdb boards for the show (at the bottom of the page, registration required). You'll find some obsessed people there who can possibly come up with an answer.

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