Sunday, February 11, 2007

Last Night's TV

Not much on Saturday Night. SNL, and I've been watching the digitally remastered Star Trek original series (which I won't write about, cause there's already plenty on the net about Star Trek:

  • SNL: When the first sketch out of the monologue is the Bronx morning show one, you know you're in trouble. Forrest Whitaker is a pretty good singer, which was a pleasant surprise, but otherwise he brought nothing to the table. He wasn't too awful - he stayed mostly off the cue cards, at least. The only highlights to me were the Weekend Update bit with Billy-O the astronaut (especially the line about Top Gun's "intricate high fives"), the digital short (Andy popping into frame), and the closer (the incredibly weird Sloth documentary). For some reason whenever they do something that's completely off the wall, I love it.
On the Tivo: Nada.

I watched Nashville on TCM, and haven't written about it yet. If I get any veg out time in before animation stuff on FOX tonight, I'll work on Buffy/Angel (I never watched them when they were new, but I've borrowed the DVDs... I'm about halfway through season 6 of Buffy/season 3 of Angel). Episode-by-episode writing for those would be way too time consuming, so I might do season reviews instead.

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