Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Last Night's TV

Tuesday has been the most crowded TV night forever... fortunately (sort of), Dirt sucks, so unlike most of the year, there's nothing on F/X for me to want to catch. Highlight to reveal spoilers:

  • Gilmore Girls: Weird episode. Party predictable... you could see a mile away that Luke would show up and Christopher wouldn't, Emily would obviously be her normal bitchy self then break down and show real emotion in the end, and Suki would make food. Still, the Logan end of things, I don't care for really. And the whole dissolution of the Lorelai/Christopher marriage seems to be happening way too fast.
  • Veronica Mars: Started off with a half naked Veronica getting out of bed. Pure ratings stunt, and I love it. Yowza! A little progress in the Dean murder (seems like the TA's out, since he's secretly investigating, and they seem to have tossed the Dean's son in as a suspect) and not too much relationship drama (my least favorite part). The mystery of the week was fairly interesting. Sweet episode title (There's Got To Be A Morning After Pill). What I really appreciated was that the preacher father was a good man. I'm not a Christian, and I have as much distaste as anyone for nutjob fundamentalists, but most Christians are good people. And too often, Hollywood makes them all into Jerry Falwell. And as usual this season, the vast majority of supporting characters were nowhere to be seen. Wallace, Mac, Piz, Lamb, and Parker were all absent.
  • Law & Order: SVU: Seems like they're only doing a lot of episodes lately that focus on only one of the detectives, and this is no exception. Stabler gets knocked out in a fight early on (was that Goldberg? I'm not a wrestling fan), so Olivia runs the whole show. In one of the more standard L&O franchise plots, a giant corporation is screwing over poor people, but their lawyers are so good, there may be no legal way to make the corporation pay for it.

Still parked on the Tivo: House, L&O: CI.

Lost comes back tonight, so hop on your favorite forum full of crazies and make wild speculation, analyze minute details in single frames, and don't get too upset when nothing ends up happening.

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